LFW_coverIn Leading from Within, the contributors come from a wide range of professions including business, medicine, education, nonprofits, law, politics, science,  government, and religion.

We often found that no matter the profession, the insights apply to all – so we’ll be adding their wisdom to this month’s daily suggestions for using poetry.

Pastor Bill White, who serves a busy urban church in Los Angeles, has adopted the practice of waking up each morning and reciting poetry to orient his day. He has memorized a dozen or so poems that set his day in motion, pointing him down the path of peace. “Walking down the hallway, with my family sound asleep, I recite an ancient psalm like, ‘Out of the depths I cry to you O Lord. O Lord hear my prayer.’ The words form a melody that helps me clear away the night’s fog and awaken with hope, focus, and resolve.”