Monthly Archives: February 2017

Parker J. Palmer: Listening to Teachers

Happy Birthday Parker! Today, in honor of Parker Palmer’s birthday, we’ve been searching for the perfect quote to capture all that Parker has done as a champion of teachers, as an advocate for integrity and heart in democracy, and as...
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Notes from the Playground: Squirm

“Notes from the Playground” is a regular feature on our blog. For this series, Greg John generously allows us to share his principal’s reflections and stories from his wonderful book, Notes from a Playground. In these stories, Greg enables us...
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Be Kind. Be Strong. Be Well

I don’t know about you, but I’m exhausted. Whether from outrage (How can these things be happening?) or exasperation (Why can’t people just move on?), our country’s emotional temperature is at an all-time high – and it doesn’t look like...
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Langston Hughes: Let America Be America Again

Yesterday was Langston Hughes’ birthday (February 1, 1902). In our three poetry books, many teachers and leaders chose to reflect on his powerful poems. This morning, I paged through the books looking for the poem and reflection to post in...
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