IMG_1116Celebrating Poetry

On her blog, My Head is Full of Books, Anne Bennett, a school librarian, posted a lot of terrific ideas for celebrating and using poetry (see below).

Fortunately it didn’t rain and she was able to send us a picture of her sidewalk poem.  Thanks Anne!

A few things I will do this month to celebrate poetry:

1. Write a poem in chalk on the sidewalk in front of my house

2. Go for a walk on Poetry Way between Owen Beach and the boat launch in Pt. Defiance Park

3. Write a blog post about the poetry book I just finished reading yesterday, Teaching with Heart

4. Make a display in the library case and the bulletin board of poems and poetry books

5. Make myself available to teachers who want me to come to their classes to cooperate with them on a poetry project

6. Read a poem-a-day (from this day forward)

7. Advertise Poem-in-your-pocket Day, April 21st

8. Host a Book Covers Poetry Project Contest (more on this later as I flesh it out)

9. Encourage you, my readers, to incorporate poetry into your life this month, too.

Your turn. How will you celebrate National Poetry Month?