Monthly Archives: November 2017

Book Giveaway: Notes from the Playground

Book Giveaway: Notes from the Playground As a special thank you to our subscribers to our blog, each month we will give away autographed books by a wide range of authors and poets. Winners are picked randomly at the end...
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#GivingThanks on #GivingTuesday

Acts of kindness give me hope. They tell me that we are more than we have been made out to be!  There are so many people and organizations stepping up to do good and important work these days – I encourage...
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A Story for Thanksgiving, the playground and beyond

These days, emotions can run high.  We often hear how Thanksgiving dinners have become difficult spaces of tension and conflict. Many columns give advice on how to keep to “safe” topics, others offer tips on anger management, or even about...
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Back at it and looking forward

The editor’s life, or at least mine, is episodic. Projects come and go, and when they’re on, they’re really on. I relish the deep dives into these editing projects, immersing myself in someone else’s ideas and writing, finding their voice...
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