Monthly Archives: July 2016

Notes from the Playground: “Matches”

A special story for the 4th of July. “Matches” — Greg John Big surprises can arrive in quiet ways. That’s how I met my newest fire-starter, Xavier. Ms. Carter brought the curly-haired, big spectacled second grader through my door. Young...
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Lucille Clifton: “we are running”

Since the moment my friendship with Lucille began in 1989, I feel as if almost everything I’ve learned about life and love and being human (in this both wondrous and often terrifying world), I learned from her, my friend and...
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Week of Lucille Clifton: “What the Mirror Said”

Back in April for Poetry Month, Bill Murray was asked to share his favorite poems for Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine.   Murray chose Lucille Clifton’s “What the Mirror Said” as one of his four favorite poems for the article. On his...
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