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Notes from the Playground: Matches

“Notes from the Playground” is a regular feature on our blog. For this series, Greg John generously allows us to share his principal’s reflections and stories from his wonderful book, Notes from the Playground. In these stories, Greg enables us...
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Lucille Clifton: “we are running”

Since the moment my friendship with Lucille began in 1989, I feel as if almost everything I’ve learned about life and love and being human (in this both wondrous and often terrifying world), I learned from her, my friend and...
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Week of Lucille Clifton: “What the Mirror Said”

Back in April for Poetry Month, Bill Murray was asked to share his favorite poems for Oprah Winfrey’s O Magazine.   Murray chose Lucille Clifton’s “What the Mirror Said” as one of his four favorite poems for the article. On his...
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