By many measures, teaching is the toughest ‒ and the most important ‒ job in America.

To do it well, takes an ongoing and ever-fascinating conversation that engages the heart, mind, and spirit.

Our website is modeled on our poetry books, Teaching with Fire, Leading from Within and Teaching with Heart. In these books, we asked teachers to speak about who they are, why they do what they do, and how they keep their heart and commitment alive in their work and life. We asked them to reflect on these questions because we believe that what inspires and impassions teachers is worth sharing. We created this website to create a virtual community where teachers can continue to share about teaching and the teacher’s life. We invite all educators to join the conversation … below are some of the ways you can do this. Questions? Please email us at teachingwithheartfirepoetry@gmail.com. We’d love to hear from you. 

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Looking for a way to honor a teacher that has worked hard for your child or your family this year?

Written by and for teachers, Teaching with Heart is the ideal way to say thank you. 


Teaching is tough and demanding work. To do it well requires heart, courage, and unrelenting optimism. Teaching with Heart honors the heroic optimism of teachers and their belief that despite the many challenges of the teaching life much is possible. The book brings together everyday teachers  in creative dialogue with our most treasured poets.

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In addition, you can arrange to post thank you letters to individual teachers or post a “Shout Out” to all the teachers at your school through the Thank You Teachers Project.  For more information about posting letters or about Teaching with Heartcontact Megan Scribner at teachingwithheartfirepoetry@gmail.com.

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Thank You, Teachers Project  – A heart-filled project to show appreciation to a teacher that made a difference in your life. View gallery of posted thank you letters.

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