Teachers TalkWhat are 5 things you can’t teach without? What’s the best teaching advice you ever got? Answer these and other engaging questions by filling out Teachers Talk interview questions below.

Through the poetry books, we worked with hundreds of teachers helping them write about their life and work. In helping them write and then edit their narratives, we have come to deeply appreciate the intricate elements that comprise a teacher’s relationship to the work and profession of teaching. In continuing our efforts to provide teachers with opportunities to share how they approach the work of teaching, we created the Teachers Talk Interviews.

The Teachers Talk Interviews feature teachers sharing glimpses of themselves at work serving students, reflections on how they sustain their passion and energy for the work, and what resources energize their ideas and spirit. As with all our work, we hope that these interviews will serve as a source of inspiration, companionship and wisdom for all who care about the work of teaching.

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