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Thank You, Teachers Project  – A heart-filled project to show appreciation to a teacher that made a difference in your life. View gallery of posted thank you letters.

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Help support Teaching with Heart, Fire, and Poetry–A virtual community where teachers share about their life & work.

How do you keep your mind and heart engaged in your work? What sustains you?

Join us in this important conversation.

Teaching is worthy and rewarding. By many measures, it is also the toughest ‒ and the most important ‒ job in America. To do it well, takes an ongoing and ever-fascinating conversation that engages the heart, mind, and spirit.

We sought to foster such a conversation in Teaching with Heart, Leading from Within, and Teaching with Fire. In these books, teachers speak about who they are, why they do what they do, and how they keep their heart and commitment alive in their teaching. We asked teachers to reflect on these questions because we believe that what inspires and impassions teachers is worth sharing.

We created this website to continue that conversation – to be a space where you can reflect on the challenges, achievements, struggles and delights of your work and life. We invite you to send us your reflections on teaching and the teacher’s life, your thoughts about education today, your stories about poems that are meaningful in your life and work and other topics on your heart and mind.

This site is open to all educators: public and private K-12 teachers, college professors, after-school teachers, coaches, principals and superintendents; as well as those who work outside of traditional school settings, such as yoga and dance teachers, theater directors and workshop facilitators.  We also welcome hearing from leaders from other fields (such as the wide-range of leaders who contributed their reflections to Leading from Within), writers and poets.

We look forward to hearing from you and together creating a lively and meaningful community of inspiration and support for teachers everywhere.