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We invite you to write a thank you letter to a special teacher in your life, from kindergarten through college…. from in the classroom, on the field, in the art studio, on stage, in the library, or the principal’s office.

While our main focus is on the teachers in the schools, it’s likely that we all have many people who have been important teachers in our life — from our past or present, yours or your children’s, in the classroom or beyond. You can choose any teacher you’d like to thank and you can thank as many as you'd like. Parents are encouraged to help their children participate.

Here are the two options we provide for thanking your teachers:

#1 Online Thank You Letter:

To post an online Thank You Letter to your special teacher, fill out the Thank You Letter Form. 

Please keep your letters under 150 words, so it will fit on the page. Once we receive your submission, we will format the letter, and post it on the Thank You, Teachers Gallery webpage and on Pinterest.  We will then email the link to you and your teacher. There is no charge for this option. We give our time to this effort as our part of our commitment to support and honor teachers.

#2 Thank You Letter & Gift Book Package: 

With this package, we will format and post your thank you letter online on the Thank You, Teachers Gallery page and on Pinterest.  In addition,  we will send your teacher a printed copy of your thank you letter and an autographed copy of Teaching with Heart a best-selling poetry anthology in which teachers reflect on their favorite poems and how these poems help them sustain their energy and passion for teaching.  We will also send a copy of your thank you letter to your teacher’s principal or supervisor to ensure  your teacher receives additional recognition.

The cost for this gift package is $30.00, which covers the cost of the printed letter, the copy of Teaching with Heart, and shipping and handling.

For this option, please fill out the form below.

If you have any comments or questions, please use the comment box in the form below or email us at tyteachersproject@gmail.com.

Thanks for helping to build this wave of gratitude!

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